The podcast studio that comes to you.

We offer daily session rates that include equipment setup and soundcheck in the Phoenix area.


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There are several factors that stop potential podcasters from taking their first step. Maybe you are overwhelmed by trying to choose the right equipment. Perhaps you are not ready to make a large financial investment right away. Let us ease that stress and get you rolling!

The technicals

Once we consult with you on your podcasting needs we will come to you! We'll setup your studio environment and run a soundcheck. After we go over the basics you will be ready to hit record. When your session is over we'll come pick up the equipment.

A few extra hands

We offer hourly engineering rates for those who feel more comfortable with having an audio engineer present during your session to make sure everything goes smoothly. We feel that once you get the hang of it you'll be comfortable on your own.

I recorded. Now what?

We can provide stereo mixdowns of your session or multi-track audio files. We can also output directly to a supported DAW. If these buzzwords don't make sense at this time we offer post-production services from editing, mastering, music and sound effects.

Put yourself out there

We're here to help if you need assistance selecting a podcast publishing platform. There are several options to choose from.


Ready to design your own studio? Great! We'll help you select the proper equipment and software for you to produce your podcast all on your own.

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